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The EEA's key activity in this area is the transport and environment reporting mechanism (TERM). The annual TERM reports help to track the environmental performance of transport in the EEA member countries. The reports use a set of indicators that are regularly updated. The EEA also works to improve emission inventories, and investigates transport's contribution to climate change, air pollution and noise.

The transport and environment reporting mechanism (TERM) was set up on request of the EU transport ministers in 1998. The main aim of TERM is to monitor the progress and effectiveness of transport and environment integration strategies on the basis of a core set of indicators.

In addition to TERM, the EEA also addresses other specific transport and environment issues:

  • Transport subsidies: EEA assessed the extent of subsidies in the transport sector and how they affect the balance between transport modes
  • Transport emission inventories: EEA is undertaking studies aiming to improve the estimation of transport emissions both with regard to accuracy and geographical distribution. This includes work on standardised emission factors for use in the creation of national inventories (COPERT model, work undertaken by the European Topic Centre Air and Climate Change Mitigation) and work on the geographical distribution of emissions in order to better estimate the health benefits of policies aimed at, for example, reducing emissions in urban areas
  • Air quality work, dealing with transport's contribution to air pollution 
  • Transport's contribution to climate change, and mitigation strategies such as emission trading systems
  • Transport noise monitoring



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