The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union that delivers knowledge and data to support Europe's environment and climate goals.

What are the Agency's main tasks?

Our core tasks are defined in the founding EU regulation and include: 

  • supporting policy development and key global processes;
  • offering analytical expertise;
  • providing and maintaining an efficient reporting infrastructure for national and international data flows.

In collaboration with our partner network, Eionet, we inform decision-makers and the public about the state of Europe’s environment, climate change and wider sustainability issues. Compliance and enforcement of EU legislation are beyond our responsibility and are the sole responsibility of the European Commission.

We are:

A European agency

We are an agency of the European Union (EU) that was founded in 1994.

We work in close cooperation with a multitude of organisations at European, regional and global levels. Our knowledge network Eionet is our main partner and brings together 32 member countries and 6 cooperating countries.

A knowledge and data provider

We collect and validate data from reliable sources to analyse trends and produce policy-relevant analyses on environment and climate topics.

These assessments contribute to Europe’s transition towards sustainability by supporting policy and solutions on the ground. We assist the European Commission to implement EU environmental legislation in EU Member States, as well as inform European citizens about the state and outlook of Europe's environment.

Trustworthy and forward-looking

With more than 280 employees, we continuously challenge ourselves to explore emerging issues and tools within our areas of expertise.

We lead by example by following ambitious environmental commitments and making sure to solely rely on trustworthy sources source for data collection and knowledge.

Our knowledge and data support key EU policies. Find out more about our key products and the policies they support.

In focus

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