The European Environment Agency (EEA) aims to be a climate-neutral and resource efficient organisation.

The EEA strives to operate as sustainably as possible and contribute to the European Union’s (EU) ambition of becoming climate neutral by 2050.

Our environmental management system, registered under the EU’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), has led to considerable reductions in paper consumption and CO2 emissions from business to travel and meetings. The EEA’s electricity supply is also 100 % renewable and mainly powered by wind energy. 

Greenhouse gas neutral by 2030

The EEA aims to become a climate-neutral organisation by 2030. To reach this net zero ambition, we are committed to:

  • further decarbonise operations and improve energy efficiency;
  • leverage the Agency's data, experience and knowledge to manage environmental performance;
  • engage staff in the sustainable transition by encouraging them to share and implement ideas to improve environmental performance;
  • offset CO2 emissions related to business and guest travel.

We also support other European agencies to embed environmental sustainability across organisations and operations.

EEA' s new donation policy

In an effort to give IT and office equipment that is no longer used at the EEA a second life, the EEA has adopted a new donation policy.

If you are an association, NGO or local authority, and would like to be notified when the EEA is donating used IT and/or office equipment, have a look at these documents, and express your interest!

The call will be open until October 2027.