Most environmental issues go beyond regional and country borders. International cooperation is vital when considering the global and regional connections and processes at play.

In addition to EU institutions, we have a long legacy of working with key regional and international bodies and programmes. Building on our current EEA-Eionet Strategy, the overarching objectives for the EEA’s engagement in international environmental activities are twofold:

  • to contribute to international processes with high-quality environmental knowledge to support and influence ambitious and progressive international policy processes and solutions.
  • to strengthen the EEA knowledge base through cooperation with international stakeholders and partners on environmental data and indicator development, methodologies, tools and integrated assessments.

International engagement activities

The EEA's international engagement activities fall into four groups.

Support to EU institutions under international obligations

The EU and EEA member and cooperating countries have reporting obligations under regional and international agreements.

We support them, among others, to fulfil these obligations, provide assessments and (co-)develop EU positions on major political processes, such as the climate and biodiversity conventions (COPs) or the development of a new global agreement to end plastic pollution.

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