The EEA buys goods and services through public procurement procedures that are managed according to the rules of the European Union and the principles of transparency, proportionality, broadest competition, equal treatment and non-discrimination, and sound financial management.

Types of procurement procedures

Depending on the estimated value, duration and type of the services or supplies to be procured, different procurement procedures may be used, comprising of different steps and timelines. The two types of procedure most commonly used by the EEA are the the open call for tenders and negotiated procedures.

The Agency regularly publishes open calls for proposals for the award of framework partnership agreements concerning European Topic Centres. For further information, visit the Eionet portal.

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Looking to become our partner?

Follow these steps to apply for our open procurement calls:

Step 1: Explore open procurement calls
Visit the Funding & Tender (F&T) Portal  — the EU's centralised funding opportunities registry — to browse our planned and/or ongoing open procurement calls that align with your expertise.

Step 2: Review the contract notice and documents
For open procedures, carefully read the contract notice of the call. It contains important details about the procurement procedure, contract value, technical specifications, evaluation criteria, deadlines, and more. Make sure you fully understand the requirements and assess if you can meet them.

For planned negotiated procedures for middle/low-value contracts, carefully read the description of the services, consider if this is a contract you would be interested in, and in case you are, express your interest via the TED platform.

Step 3: Prepare your offer
Gather all the necessary information and documents required to submit your offer for the specific procurement call you are interested in.

Step 4: Seek clarifications
If you have any questions or need clarifications about the call, feel free to contact us through the F&T Portal. Make sure to submit your questions before the specified deadline.

Step 5: Submit your offer
Follow the specified submission method provided in the call. Complete all required forms, compile the required documentation and submit your offer within the specified deadline.

Step 6: Evaluation
As the contracting authority, we will carefully evaluate all submitted offers based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the procurement call. During this procedure, we may request additional information and evidence to ensure a comprehensive assessment of each offer.

Step 7: Contract award
Once the evaluation is complete, the contract will be awarded to the tenderer who best meets the specified criteria. All tenderers will receive a notification about the outcome of the procurement procedure.

By following these steps, you will be on your way to becoming our potential partner.

For more useful guidance documents and forms, we invite you to explore our toolbox.

Do you have a question?
You can contact the EEA procurement team via Funding & Tender (F&T) Portal for the call you are interested in.
For technical issues concerning the F&T Portal, please contact the F&T web helpdesk.

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