3. Human health and the environment

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Environmental pollutants and Europe’s changing climate will continue to impact human health. The EEA aims to improve our understanding of these impacts, as well as the social and demographic factors that affect the exposure and vulnerability of Europe’s citizens. The EEA supports Europe’s zero pollution ambitions and the implementation of related European and national actions.

The environment in which we live and work has profound implications for human health and wellbeing. In 2021, the EEA delivered data and information to improve knowledge of the health impacts caused by air, water and soil pollution, as well as those caused by noise, chemicals and Europe's changing climate. This included:


Air quality index.png

2021: key facts and figures

- 33%. Premature deaths attributed to exposure to fine particulate matter decreased by 33% in the EU in 2019 compared to 2005. A small number of industrial facilities in Europe are responsible for 50% of the damage caused by air pollution.


On our Youtube channel, EEA experts discuss the most relevant topics and recent publications. Here we talk about air pollution and its health impacts in Europe and green cities.


Geographic coverage


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