2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation

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Climate change is happening now and will continue in the decades to come. Europe aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, while becoming more resilient and less vulnerable to climate change. The EEA monitors this transition and supports the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and measures in this area.

Climate change is one of our most pressing environmental challenges, with far-reaching ramifications for human society and the natural world. In 2021, the EEA delivered data, information and knowledge contributing to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, including:

  • Progress reporting on climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Publication of assessments and indicators on mitigation progress and potential in various sectors to support the achievement of mid-term targets
  • Support to the negotiations on the European Climate Law and the establishment of the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change
  • Information and assessments on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation
  • Knowledge on the just transition elements of the EGD and social implications of climate mitigation policies


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2021: key facts and figures


On our Youtube channel, EEA experts discuss the most relevant topics and recent publications. Here we talk about Climate change impacts and ecosystems - Forest fires and floods in summer 2021 and Europe's progress towards climate targets


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