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As outlined in the EEA-Eionet Strategy 2021-2030, the EEA aims to ensure that Europe’s policymakers and citizens have the best available knowledge on Europe’s environment, in order to be able to make informed decisions. EEA publications are known for their timeliness and reliability, and constitute vital inputs to the environmental debate at European policy and societal levels.

The EEA publishes a wealth of information each year and 2021 was no exception. EEA publications focus broadly on the five areas of work below, with traditional knowledge products such as reports and briefings, as well as indicators highlighting key environmental metrics and trends over time. Scroll down to access all the EEA's published products for the year, either by publication or indicator. 

To support and promote the EEA's work in these areas, and to ensure that relevant audiences receive the right information at the right time, we also carry out a range of outreach activities throughout the year. These include press communications and events, online talks and debates, and a range of social media activities. Below you will also find charts showing highlights of outreach and social media activities in 2021.



Web traffic and outreach

Traffic to the EEA website was fairly consistent in 2021, with slightly lower levels of visits over the summer, as expected. However, certain key publications and promotions drive increased traffic, as shown below. 


EEA website: number of page views

Figure_Number of EEA website page views.png

The EEA promotes its publications through press releases and social media posts, as well as  dissemination to key communication contacts and journalists. These efforts are vital to attracting web visitors and social media followers. Our audience's interest in some topics, such as air quality, the health impacts of air pollution, or the quality of bathing waters in Europe, can be rather high.

The EEA promotes its work through audiovisual materials (GIFs and videos), live chats with EEA experts or technical briefings. These efforts help boost the EEA's media coverage as well as the number of references to the EEA in social media. This can be seen in the graphic below. 

EEA's media coverage: number of online news articles and related stories

Figure_Number of news and social media posts.png



Geographic coverage


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