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The remit of the EEA is to provide reliable and timely information and knowledge to policy makers, the academic community, the general public and other stakeholders.

The Agency’s thematic work is divided into five areas, as described in the Agency’s Strategy 2021-2030

Use the links below to explore the EEA's 2021 activity in each area.

Biodiversity and ecosystems

Faced with continued biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, Europe seeks to bring nature back into our lives. The EEA monitors this transition and supports the implementation and evaluation of actions in this area.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Climate change is happening now and will continue in the decades to come. Europe aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, while becoming more resilient and less vulnerable to climate change. The EEA monitors this transition and supports the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and measures in this area.

Human health and the environment

Environmental pollutants and Europe’s changing climate will continue to impact human health. The EEA aims to improve our understanding of these impacts, as well as the social and demographic factors that affect the exposure and vulnerability of Europe’s citizens. We support Europe’s zero pollution ambitions and the implementation of related European and national actions.

Circular economy and resource use

The EEA monitors the progress of Europe’s transition towards a circular economy, as well as the related environmental and climate benefits. We assess Europe’s efforts towards reducing the impacts caused by our society’s production and consumption, with a focus on raw materials, products, services and waste.

Sustainability trends, prospects and responses

We will only achieve our ambitious goals by stimulating fundamental changes in the lifestyles, and consumption and production patterns that drive unsustainable trends. The EEA assesses trends and prospects across environmental priorities, sectors, systems and policies, and engages stakeholders on the innovations and other responses needed to achieve the European Green Deal.


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