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The EEA is an agency of the European Union based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our diverse, multi-cultural workforce exemplifies European cooperation and is divided across thematic, cross-cutting and administrative programmes in support of Europe's environmental objectives.

Besides detailing the EEA's activities during 2021, the CAAR (Consolidated Annual Activity Report) also  provides a snapshot of the Agency as a workplace. The EEA currently comprises 32 member countries and six cooperating countries, including the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU). This is reflected in the diverse nationalities of EEA employees, as can be seen in the graphic below.


Number of employees by nationality

Figure_Number of employees by nationalities.png

The EU is currently developing and implementing the European Green Deal. As environmental concerns rise ever higher up the political agenda, so the demand for accurate and timely information also grows. In response to this demand, the EEA's workforce is growing. In the graphics below you can see breakdowns of the EEA workforce according to a range of parameters including age, gender and contract type.

Number of employees by age

Gender balance

Figure_Gender balance.png


Number of employees by contract type

Figure_Number of employees by type of contract.png


Below you can also find information on the EEA budget and how it is spent, along with an organisational chart for the agency.



Figure_Budget 2021.png

EEA organigram 2021

Figure_Organigram 2021.png


Geographic coverage


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