EEA 2021: the year in brief

Briefing Published 14 Jun 2022 Last modified 19 Jul 2023
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Every year, the European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes a Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR). The CAAR is the EEA’s annual report, providing detailed information on the year’s activities, performance and achievements, as well as operational, budgetary and management reporting. This online report, 'EEA 2021: the year in brief' draws on the CAAR, providing simple and transparent access to the EEA's 2021 work on key environmental topics in support of European environmental policy, along with an annual snapshot of the Agency as a workplace and its own environmental management and performance.

By following the links below, you can access the different areas of this report, to find a more detailed overview of the EEA’s achievements and performance in 2021. You can access individual work areas to look at specific themes, or get an overview of all the EEA’s publications for 2021. The Our workplace section covers different aspects of the EEA as a place to work, while Environmental performance focuses on the EEA’s own efforts to reduce emissions and become a more sustainable organisation.





Web report no. 02/2022
Title: EEA 2021 - A year in brief
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The country assessments are the sole responsibility of the EEA member and cooperating countries supported by the EEA through guidance, translation and editing.


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