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Regional seas around Europe - version 2, Oct. 2022

External Data Spec Published 10 Nov 2023
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The regional seas around Europe are the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the North-east Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Two of these regions are further divided into subregions: North-east Atlantic Ocean • the Barents Sea; • the Iceland Sea; • the Norwegian Sea; • the White Sea; • The Greater North Sea, including the Kattegat, and the English Channel; • The Celtic Seas; • The Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Coast; • Macaronesia. Mediterranean Sea: • The Western Mediterranean Sea; • The Adriatic Sea; • The Ionian Sea and the Central Mediterranean Sea; • The Aegean-Levantine Sea. The regional seas are harmonised with the boundaries established as the MSFD regions and subregions, as agreed by the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Committee in November 2016. The delineation of additional seas follows the boundaries established under Regional Sea Conventions and ICES ecoregions. The present map is provided in ESRI shape- and ESRI Geodatabase formats.


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