State of European commercial fish and shellfish stocks (for which stock assessments were conducted between 2019-2022), in relation to the Good Environmental Status criteria for fishing mortality and reproductive capacity per marine region

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This figure shows the state of the assessed commercially exploited fish and shellfish stocks per European marine region, for which assessments were conducted in 2019-2022. Stocks for which adequate information is available to determine Good Environmental Status (GES) for fishing mortality (F) and/or reproductive capacity (spawning stock biomass (SSB)) are included (i.e. Z, total number of stocks; Y, total number of assessed stocks; and X, number of stocks for which adequate information is available to determine GES on the basis of these two criteria). A distinction is made between stocks: (1) in good status based on both fishing mortality and reproductive capacity; (2) in good status based on only one of the criteria - fishing mortality or reproductive capacity (either because one of the two criteria is not in good status or because there is only one available criteria, and it is in good status); and (3) not in good status based on both fishing mortality and reproductive capacity (may include cases where only one criteria is available and it is not in good status).

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Additional information

• Not all stocks have annual assessments. In most cases 2022 is the most recent year for which status can be assessed, for others it is assumed that the most recently assessed status is applicable until a new assessment is conducted.
• Under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), individual stocks may be considered in more than one ecoregion. However, for this analysis, stocks are assigned to one ecoregion, considered to be most important to the stock and fishery.
• As assessments are carried out in a multiannual cycle within the Mediterranean Sea, the number of stocks included for this region depends on the period covered. Total number of stocks is not given for the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, since these are not biologically defined in the region.


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