Mobile app - Android version available from the Google Play store here / iOS app version (for iPhones and iPads) available from the Apple store here

Web portal – an administration and management tool for communities and event organisers. It can be accessed here

Guidance and communication material

MLW app guidelines: an user guide to both the Android and iOS app versions.

Hand-out guides: these 1 page guides are quick and easy visualisations of the main steps on how to use MLW depending if: you are community administrator, an event organiser or a volunteer/participant in an event.

Top 20 items list: the list of the most common marine litter items found on beaches in Europe. This list appears when you open a survey in the app.

Full items list: the European reference list of all marine litter items found on beaches. This master list can be accessed in the survey option of the app.

MLW general slides: a powerpoint presentation that contains the basic elements about Marine LitterWatch. Communities are welcome to use it and adapt it to their own communication material.


Geographic coverage


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