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The water data centre provides data and thematic information to policymakers, advisors, environmental experts and the public.

The website uses a variety of communications tools (thematic maps, links, explanatory texts and graphs) reflecting the different information needs of these user groups. Presently available tools include: descriptions of general terms, articles about key issues on the water environment and regularly updated thematic highlights. The map viewer offers a regionalised approach to river basin districts via a selected set of thematic maps. It also offers full access to all spatial data layers and tabular datasets.

The water data centre provides its public interface through this WISE public viewer. All data and services provided by the data centre, including links to the WISE partners, will be available from this site. The water data centre will be continuously developed, new data and derived products will be offered as well as more technical services. The further development of the site will be determined by the joint WISE implementation plan of the European institutions, by the EEA multi-annual strategy and by the EEA annual management plans.

The water data centre is one of 5 Environmental data centres hosted by the European Environment Agency (Climate Change, Biodiversity, Land use and Air Quality). Environmental data centres are institutionally supported facilities providing convenient access to, manipulation of, and/or distribution of data sets relating to a specific thematic area (including supporting information and expertise) to users. They are intended to have a long lifespan, as they are not tied to a specific project.




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