Resource efficiency

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Resource efficiency is essential if we want to decouple economic development from environmental degradation. Earth's resources are limited and their extraction generates environmental and climate impacts: using them more efficiently helps minimising these impacts. In that way, resource efficiency is one of the core elements necessary to create a more circular, greener economy in Europe as well as more sustainable production and consumption patterns.


EEA’s report series on resource efficiency policies - More from less

The European Environment Agency has monitored policies on resource efficiency across European countries since 2011, publishing a series of reports and country profiles taking stock of the state of play during the last decade. These reports are accessible here:


In addition to the reports, the EEA makes available country profiles which go deeper on the situation of each country, the latest version is available here.

Why is resource efficiency important?

The key to answering that question lies in recognising that humanity's economic activities are dependant on the global ecosystem – in particular its capacity to provide resources and to absorb pollution and waste. Crucially, the Earth is a closed material system and that shapes the possibilities for economic growth.

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