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16 Sep 2014 Europe successfully phasing out known ozone layer-harming chemicals
19 Aug 2014 Developing a forest naturalness indicator for Europe
15 Aug 2014 Signals 2014 - online survey
15 Jul 2014 The 'green economy' can encourage jobs and innovation - study
09 Jul 2014 Environment, health and wellbeing: a systemic approach
30 Jun 2014 Air pollution still harming Europe's ecosystems, despite reduced emissions
27 Jun 2014 Eionet priority data flows, May 2013 – April 2014
13 Jun 2014 Annual report 2013 and Environmental statement 2014
12 Jun 2014 Eleven countries exceed air pollutant limits – final report published
04 Jun 2014 European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register – 2012 data now available
03 Jun 2014 EU reports lowest greenhouse gas emissions on record
02 Jun 2014 Towards better tools for decision-making – EEA indicators and accounts
27 May 2014 Water quality excellent at most of Europe's bathing sites
06 May 2014 Improving transparency in water services
01 May 2014 ‘Environment & Me’ photo competition open for entries
30 Apr 2014 New cars meet CO2 target two years ahead of the deadline
30 Apr 2014 Finding Europe’s quiet areas
24 Mar 2014 Eleven countries exceed air pollutant emission limits
14 Mar 2014 Very high air pollution levels across Western Europe
13 Mar 2014 Summer ozone at harmful levels in 2013
06 Mar 2014 New mapping method for 'green infrastructure', Europe's vital natural areas
03 Mar 2014 New mobile phone app will help track marine litter
27 Feb 2014 Mapping habitats to describe ecosystems
24 Feb 2014 Water: nutrient and heavy metal pollution 'decoupling' from growth
20 Feb 2014 Europe’s seas: A valuable asset that must be used sustainably
30 Jan 2014 Bat populations recovering, according to largest ever European study
01 Jan 2014 New Year, new focus: EEA priorities in 2014
30 Dec 2013 A summary of the Year of Air – what we know about air pollution in 2013
17 Dec 2013 CO2 emissions from new vans – revised data
16 Dec 2013 EEA Newsletter - second issue
13 Dec 2013 An artistic view of Europe's waste – EEA announces competition winners
10 Dec 2013 Black carbon: Better monitoring needed to assess health and climate change impacts
06 Dec 2013 Global megatrends shaping Europe's environment
03 Dec 2013 Front-running cities changing transport, improving quality of life
28 Nov 2013 The squeeze on Europe's coastline continues
20 Nov 2013 Competing demands on Europe's environment undermining human well-being
06 Nov 2013 Campaigning for the use of low-noise tyres
30 Oct 2013 All larger carmakers met CO2 targets in 2012
25 Oct 2013 EEA's new targeted information service
22 Oct 2013 [CORRECTION] Water treatment plants in Europe – new data viewer
15 Oct 2013 Air pollution still harming health across Europe
09 Oct 2013 Climate and energy targets – EU largely on track but mixed picture across Member States
02 Oct 2013 Use of climate-forcing F-gases underlines need for innovation
27 Sep 2013 Water: Charging full cost can encourage more efficient use
18 Sep 2013 Ozone depleting substances – 2012 aggregated data available now
29 Aug 2013 Estimating air pollutant emissions – new guidebook for experts
14 Aug 2013 Hot summer weather exacerbating ozone pollution
25 Jul 2013 An overview of EU environment policy targets and objectives
23 Jul 2013 Populations of grassland butterflies decline almost 50 % over two decades
03 Jul 2013 Bioenergy production must use resources more efficiently
26 Jun 2013 EU meets most international air pollutant emissions limits, further cuts possible
25 Jun 2013 Online survey - Help us improve Signals
18 Jun 2013 Van manufacturers must make new models more efficient by 2020
17 Jun 2013 Our Natural Europe: conservation stories show importance of local action
14 Jun 2013 Annual Report 2012 and Environmental statement 2013
13 Jun 2013 Reducing air pollution from electricity-generating large combustion plants in the European Union
06 Jun 2013 Putting clean air laws in to practice – report shows potential for improvement
05 Jun 2013 Flood risk in Europe: the long-term outlook
03 Jun 2013 New director Hans Bruyninckx starts work at the EEA
01 Jun 2013 What does waste look like? Photo, cartoon and video competition
31 May 2013 Jacqueline McGlade leaves the EEA after 10 years as Executive Director
30 May 2013 Europe’s environment now healthier – but new risks emerging
29 May 2013 Greenhouse gases: 2011 emissions lower than previously estimated
28 May 2013 Results and lessons from implementing the Water Assets Accounts in the EEA area
23 May 2013 Twelve States breach emissions limits, according to final 2010 NEC data
21 May 2013 Europe’s bathing waters continue to improve
17 May 2013 European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register – Update
14 May 2013 Green fiscal reform can create jobs and stimulate innovation across the EU
08 May 2013 Understanding energy consumption in households
02 May 2013 Neonicotinoid pesticides are a huge risk – so ban is welcome, says EEA
30 Apr 2013 Consumers buying more efficient cars in Europe
29 Apr 2013 Europe must adapt to stay ahead of a changing climate
24 Apr 2013 The European Soundscape Award 2013 - open for applications
15 Apr 2013 Every breath we take – Signals 2013 focuses on air quality in Europe
10 Apr 2013 Can we save energy by changing our behaviour?
08 Apr 2013 Independent evaluation commends EEA impact and efficiency
19 Mar 2013 Highest recycling rates in Austria and Germany – but UK and Ireland show fastest increase
18 Mar 2013 Air pollution: breaches of legal limits continued through 2010 and 2011
14 Mar 2013 International shipping should cut air pollutants and greenhouse gases together
04 Mar 2013 How to measure the environmental impact of production and consumption?
01 Mar 2013 Climate change and flood risk in European cities
28 Feb 2013 Reducing the € 45 billion health cost of air pollution from lorries
21 Feb 2013 Invasive alien species: a growing problem for environment and health
31 Jan 2013 Fewer summer ozone peaks in 2012, but levels still harmful
23 Jan 2013 The cost of ignoring the warning signs – EEA publishes ‘Late Lessons from Early Warnings, volume II’
03 Jan 2013 The melting Arctic
21 Dec 2012 Households and industry responsible for half of EU greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels
11 Dec 2012 Most car manufacturers on track to meet 2012 CO2 targets
05 Dec 2012 Europe using less ozone-damaging chemicals
29 Nov 2012 Water resources in Europe in the context of vulnerability
28 Nov 2012 Using scenarios to improve understanding of environment and security issues
27 Nov 2012 Traffic pollution still harmful to health in many parts of Europe
26 Nov 2012 Water management in Europe faces rising challenges as ecosystems weaken
21 Nov 2012 Climate change evident across Europe, confirming urgent need for adaptation
15 Nov 2012 Europe's air story told in pictures
14 Nov 2012 More than half of EU surface waters below ‘good’ ecological status
06 Nov 2012 EU exporting more waste, including hazardous waste
30 Oct 2012 ImaginAIR - vote for your favourite photostory
24 Oct 2012 EU greenhouse gases in 2011: more countries on track to meet Kyoto targets, emissions fall 2.5 %
23 Oct 2012 Protected areas have increased to cover one fifth of Europe’s land
18 Oct 2012 Europe still playing catch-up on air pollution, despite reduction successes
09 Oct 2012 Satisfied with the EEA? Take the survey to have your say
24 Sep 2012 Many Europeans still exposed to harmful air pollutants
19 Sep 2012 Measuring biodiversity with indicators – new report describes SEBI approach
18 Sep 2012 Capture the invisible for the EEA photo story competition
11 Sep 2012 Potent greenhouse gases – fluorinated gases in the European Union
07 Sep 2012 European Union's total greenhouse emissions down 2.5 % in 2011
04 Sep 2012 How vulnerable could your city be to climate impacts?
29 Aug 2012 EEA photo story competition: ImaginAIR (CORRECTION)
28 Aug 2012 Water in the city
24 Aug 2012 Managing water and human activities together
07 Aug 2012 EEA seeks five new members of its Scientific Committee
30 Jul 2012 Eleven Member States exceed air emissions limits under LRTAP Convention
18 Jul 2012 ECRINS map project pinpoints water information in Europe
11 Jul 2012 Sahara dust, sea spray and fires contribute to bad air quality
06 Jul 2012 Eionet priority data flows, May 2011–April 2012
04 Jul 2012 Water for agriculture
02 Jul 2012 Electronic Noise Data Reporting Mechanism
28 Jun 2012 Nitrogen oxide emissions still a major problem in Europe
20 Jun 2012 Rio+20 – time to rethink the way we use natural resources
20 Jun 2012 New cars sold in 2011 were 3.3 % more fuel efficient than those sold in 2010
19 Jun 2012 Reporting and exchanging air quality information using e-Reporting
14 Jun 2012 European consumption still highly unsustainable, despite efficiency gains
07 Jun 2012 Europe's demand for resources reaching far beyond its borders
05 Jun 2012 Building the future we want – new report launched on World Environment Day
30 May 2012 Higher EU greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 due to economic recovery and cold winter
23 May 2012 Clean water at majority of EU holiday destinations
22 May 2012 Protected areas: a key element of Europe's sustainable future
16 May 2012 Do we live in a 'green economy'? New report assesses progress in Europe
14 May 2012 Europe's future depends on cities resilient to climate change
10 May 2012 Increase in cancers and fertility problems may be caused by household chemicals and pharmaceuticals
09 May 2012 Generation ’92 video competition: and the winners are...
08 May 2012 Europe's water: efficient use is a must
03 May 2012 Climate change: what do models predict for Europe?
27 Apr 2012 Turning the urban challenge into an opportunity
26 Apr 2012 European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register – Update – 2010 data now available
25 Apr 2012 Creating a quiet environment
24 Apr 2012 Vote for your favourite video in our competition!
20 Apr 2012 2011 ETS emissions and auctioning data available in EEA data viewer
23 Mar 2012 Major new website to assist with climate change adaptation in Europe
19 Mar 2012 More effort needed to reduce summer ozone
15 Mar 2012 Unsustainable consumption – the mother of all environmental issues?
13 Mar 2012 Europe needs to use water more efficiently
22 Feb 2012 Air pollutant emission limits exceeded in twelve EU Member States
02 Feb 2012 Make a video of your sustainable future - and win cash prizes
30 Jan 2012 New indicators show latest data on air pollution, ozone depletion and acid rain
23 Jan 2012 Interactive water maps updated
09 Jan 2012 Environmental tax reform: increasing individual incomes and boosting innovation
20 Dec 2011 Most carmakers must further improve carbon efficiency by 2015
19 Dec 2011 How 'green infrastructure' can improve sustainable land use
19 Dec 2011 Forests, health and climate change
15 Dec 2011 Homes responsible for one quarter of European greenhouse emissions from energy
13 Dec 2011 New Eye on Earth global mapping and information service now live
05 Dec 2011 Noise levels across Europe now mapped by new EEA application
05 Dec 2011 Recycling industry can boost the European economy
29 Nov 2011 Industrial air pollution cost Europe up to €169 billion in 2009, EEA reveals
29 Nov 2011 Huge renewable energy growth this decade, if EU countries meet projections
10 Nov 2011 European transport sector must be ambitious to meet targets
09 Nov 2011 Ozone and particulates most serious air quality problems in Europe
08 Nov 2011 Cutting noise with quiet asphalt and traffic lane management
08 Nov 2011 New technical report: "An experimental framework for ecosystem capital accounting in Europe"
21 Oct 2011 Building better environmental policy by looking into the future
18 Oct 2011 Europe's forests at a glance — a breath of fresh air in a changing climate
14 Oct 2011 New film on city bees in Copenhagen
13 Oct 2011 New film on waste management in Greenland
11 Oct 2011 From efficient water use to quitting fossil fuels – survey shows different approaches to resource efficiency across Europe
07 Oct 2011 EU greenhouse gas emissions estimated to increase in 2010, but long-term decrease expected to continue
21 Sep 2011 Pan-European assessment asks: 'What do we know about water and green economy?'
05 Sep 2011 Increasing fragmentation of landscape threatens European wildlife
29 Aug 2011 Big potential of cutting greenhouse gases from waste
27 Jul 2011 Recession contributes to air pollutant emissions decrease in 2009
25 Jul 2011 Water quality and wastewater treatment — WISE interactive maps updated
15 Jul 2011 Hazardous substances in Europe’s fresh and marine waters – an overview
05 Jul 2011 Safe water and healthy water services in a changing environment
29 Jun 2011 Carbon efficiency of new cars is increasing
28 Jun 2011 Globalisation, environment and you
21 Jun 2011 Environmental reporting is getting better - corrected link
16 Jun 2011 Bathing water quality remains high around the EU
14 Jun 2011 Check out our new online forum
06 Jun 2011 More efforts required to reduce ozone pollution in Europe
01 Jun 2011 EU to exceed nitrogen oxides emission ceiling, mostly due to road transport
31 May 2011 Recession and renewables cut greenhouse emissions in 2009
26 May 2011 New maps give Europeans close-up picture of air pollution from diffuse sources
24 May 2011 Using resources more efficiently: Green Week 2011
24 May 2011 EU ETS compliance data for 2010 available in EEA data viewer
06 May 2011 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
02 May 2011 European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register – Update
27 Apr 2011 Searching for noise solutions on awareness day
26 Apr 2011 Forests and their forgotten communities
08 Apr 2011 Early 2010 EU ETS emissions available in EEA data viewer
01 Apr 2011 Knowledge base for Forward-Looking Information and Services (FLIS)
30 Mar 2011 Reducing speed limits on motorways: how good is it for the environment?
29 Mar 2011 Land use conflicts necessitate integrated policy
02 Feb 2011 Renewable energy production must grow fast to reach the 2020 target
19 Jan 2011 Urban soil sealing in Europe
12 Jan 2011 Disasters in Europe: more frequent and causing more damage
10 Jan 2011 Renewable energy 2000 to 2010 — from toddler to teen
05 Jan 2011 Has policy improved Europe's air quality?
16 Dec 2010 Check the state of the water near you
07 Dec 2010 Tackling climate change requires a shift to a resource efficient, low carbon and green economy
30 Nov 2010 Butterflies or business - Europe can have both!
10 Nov 2010 Teaming up to cut noise across Europe
18 Oct 2010 Biodiversity beyond 2010: deciding the way ahead
13 Oct 2010 Deep emission cuts give the EU a head start under the Kyoto Protocol
05 Oct 2010 Biodiversity in Europe: policy scope must be widened for effective conservation
27 Sep 2010 Protecting Europe's cultural landscapes and biodiversity heritage
24 Sep 2010 Air pollutant emissions to exceed limits
16 Sep 2010 European Mobility Week 2010: travel smarter, live better
15 Sep 2010 Recognising the true value of Europe's mountains
14 Sep 2010 Taking a closer look at Europe's renewable energy plans for 2020
10 Sep 2010 Recession accelerates the decline in EU greenhouse gas emissions
25 Aug 2010 Europe's coasts: reconciling development and conservation
28 Jul 2010 Europe's mountains: rich in biodiversity but increasingly vulnerable
12 Jul 2010 Emissions of sulphur oxides and ozone-forming pollutants fall significantly
05 Jul 2010 The territorial dimension of environmental sustainability – Potential territorial indicators to support the environmental dimension of territorial cohesion
23 Jun 2010 Take a look at your water environment
10 Jun 2010 EU bathing water quality remains high
08 Jun 2010 Updated pollution data from industrial facilities now available in the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR)
08 Jun 2010 Scaling up ecosystem benefits - A contribution to The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study
04 Jun 2010 Reconnect with Europe's nature on World Environment Day
02 Jun 2010 EU greenhouse gas emissions: more than half way to the '20 % target by 2020'
01 Jun 2010 BISE and baseline: new tools to combat biodiversity loss in Europe
21 May 2010 Urban biodiversity — adding life to our cities
20 May 2010 The 2009 emission trading data are now available through the EEA's EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) data viewer
20 May 2010 [CORRECTION] Europe in bloom: a living façade at the European Environment Agency
18 May 2010 Europe in bloom: a living façade at the European Environment Agency
12 May 2010 How will the Western Balkans shape its environmental future?
11 May 2010 Land in Europe: prices, taxes and use patterns
04 May 2010 Europe to exceed air pollutant emission limits – NOx in particular
28 Apr 2010 Ecosystem accounting and the cost of biodiversity losses …— the case of coastal Mediterranean wetlands
27 Apr 2010 Is Europe's transport getting greener? Partly
20 Apr 2010 How can waste policy contribute to a resource-efficient economy?
09 Apr 2010 Biodiversity and forest ecosystems in Europe
24 Mar 2010 Biodiversity, climate change and you
22 Mar 2010 Everything about fresh water in Europe
17 Mar 2010 Marine biodiversity: life in seas under threat
09 Mar 2010 Biodiversity – 10 messages for 2010. Message 3: freshwater ecosystems
09 Mar 2010 Distribution and targeting of the CAP budget from a biodiversity perspective
04 Mar 2010 Summer ozone: record low concentrations in 2009
25 Jan 2010 10 messages for 2010 – message 2: protected areas
18 Jan 2010 The electric car — a green transport revolution in the making?
13 Jan 2010 Pharmaceuticals in the environment — Result of an EEA workshop
11 Jan 2010 Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life.
14 Dec 2009 Bend the trend — every small act counts
18 Nov 2009 Interactive technology empowers Europeans to manage environmental change
13 Nov 2009 Non-industrial emissions key for meeting Kyoto targets
10 Nov 2009 Pollution: new European register gives public access to information on emissions from European industrial facilities
26 Oct 2009 EEA draws the first map of Europe's noise exposure
09 Oct 2009 EEA kicks off public activities in the run-up to COP15
02 Oct 2009 EU set to miss 2010 air pollutant limits
23 Sep 2009 The time is ripe for green accounting
11 Sep 2009 Regional climate change and adaptation — The Alps facing the challenge of changing water resources
03 Sep 2009 Effectiveness of EU cohesion spending on the environment
02 Sep 2009 New estimates confirm the declining trend in EU greenhouse gas emissions
02 Sep 2009 Emissions of air pollutants down in EU-27
28 Jul 2009 Cities of the future — how will European cities adapt to new climate conditions?
20 Jul 2009 Ozone pollution is declining — but not everywhere
08 Jul 2009 EEA invites submissions of evidence on global trends to support forthcoming assessments
07 Jul 2009 Progress towards the European 2010 biodiversity target — indicator fact sheets.
15 Jun 2009 Urban frontrunners — cities and the fight against global warming
12 Jun 2009 Bathing water quality improving in the EU
10 Jun 2009 Landfilling down as Europe shifts to better waste management
08 Jun 2009 Europe's onshore and offshore wind energy potential
28 May 2009 Ensuring quality of life in Europe's cities and towns
26 May 2009 Turn down the noise — softening the impact of excess transport noise
25 May 2009 Progress towards the European 2010 biodiversity target
05 May 2009 Looking back on looking forward: a review of evaluative scenario literature
20 Apr 2009 The water we eat
14 Apr 2009 If the well runs dry — climate change adaptation and water
03 Apr 2009 Killer slugs and other aliens — Europe's biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate
03 Apr 2009 A first glimpse at 2008 emissions trading data
31 Mar 2009 Europe needs to steer transport policy in the right direction
24 Mar 2009 How clean is Europe’s air?
24 Mar 2009 Fish out of water — marine management in a changing climate
19 Mar 2009 Drought and water overuse in Europe
09 Mar 2009 Not just hot air — global diplomacy and the search for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol
04 Mar 2009 The waste trade – legal and illegal
02 Mar 2009 Every breath you take — air quality in Europe
23 Feb 2009 Not in my back yard - international shipments of waste and the environment
16 Feb 2009 EEA online articles
09 Jan 2009 Killer slugs and other aliens — EEA Signals 2009: Eight environmental stories for Europe
19 Dec 2008 Update of air pollution indicators in the EEA core set
19 Dec 2008 Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2008 - Tracking progress towards Kyoto targets
19 Dec 2008 Beyond transport policy - exploring and managing the external drivers of transport demand
15 Dec 2008 Modelling environmental change in Europe: towards a model inventory (SEIS/Forward) Document Actions
01 Dec 2008 EU to exceed air pollutant limit due to growth in road transport
20 Nov 2008 Business as usual not an option for the energy system
13 Nov 2008 How to optimise the use of bioenergy for Europe’s climate efforts
16 Oct 2008 EU-15 on target for Kyoto, despite mixed performances
29 Sep 2008 Europe needs to intensify actions to adapt to climate change impacts
06 Aug 2008 Transport remains main source of health-damaging pollutants
30 Jul 2008 Heading for your favourite beach? Is the bathing water clean?
15 Jul 2008 Effectiveness of environmental taxes and charges for managing sand, gravel and rock extraction in selected EU countries
20 Jun 2008 EEA reports on progress in greenhouse gas emissions reductions in 2006
27 May 2008 Europe cannot halt the loss of biodiversity without sustainable use of forests
06 May 2008 Ozone levels last summer lowest in a decade
22 Apr 2008 Become an undercover agent to defend the environment in a comic strip
19 Mar 2008 Six success stories on improving environmental performance of road transport in Europe
14 Mar 2008 Application of the Emissions Trading Directive by EU Member States - reporting year 2007
04 Mar 2008 EU fails to curb emissions from transport: dramatic improvements and clear targets needed
21 Feb 2008 Greenhouse gas emissions indicators have been updated
01 Feb 2008 Better management of municipal waste will reduce greenhouse gas emissions
29 Jan 2008 Estimating the environmentally compatible bioenergy potential from agriculture
23 Jan 2008 Municipal waste and packaging waste - two core set of indicators updated
08 Jan 2008 Designated areas - What measures are being taken to ensure the in situ conservation of biodiversity components?
19 Dec 2007 CLC2006 technical guidelines
19 Dec 2007 Counting the cost of climate change
13 Dec 2007 EMEP/CORINAIR Emission Inventory Guidebook - 2007
05 Dec 2007 Several EU Member States to miss 2010 air pollutant targets
04 Dec 2007 EU within reach of Kyoto targets
13 Nov 2007 Concentrations of air pollutants constant despite drop in emissions
06 Nov 2007 Production and consumption of ozone depleting substances
30 Oct 2007 Annual European Community LRTAP Convention Emission Inventory report 1990-2005
30 Oct 2007 Waste management: the road from landfilling to recycling
23 Oct 2007 Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010: proposal for a first set of indicators to monitor progress in Europe
23 Oct 2007 Sustainable consumption and production in South East Europe and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia - Joint UNEP-EEA report on the opportunities and lessons learned
16 Oct 2007 The pan-European environment: glimpses into an uncertain future
11 Oct 2007 The pan-European region: environmental challenges
07 Sep 2007 Progress in management of contaminated sites in Europe
03 Sep 2007 Annual European Community greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2005 and inventory report 2007
08 Aug 2007 Environmental pressures from European consumption and production - Insights from environmental accounts
07 Aug 2007 Assessing water quality in Europe using stratification techniques - Results of a prototype application using French data
Climate-forcing F-gases – new report published
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