Become an undercover agent to defend the environment in a comic strip

22 Apr 2008

Children can now learn about ways to protect the environment, while chasing eco-villains on the European Environment Agency's new 'Eco Agents' website, available in 24 languages.

Eco Agents website invites 9- to 14-year-olds to become undercover 'eco agents' in comic strip stories. In each story, five heroes from the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Turkey and Greece are assigned to a special mission, such as infiltrating a 'wind farm' in the Netherlands, which is a cover-up for a natural gas extraction facility. After creating a personal profile, each new recruit actually appears in the comic strips alongside the permanent characters. Each mission includes games where children earn points towards a general score. 

Two storylines on climate change and water quality are already online. They will be followed by stories on sustainable lifestyle, biodiversity and air quality. 


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