Municipal waste and packaging waste - two core set of indicators updated

23 Jan 2008

CSI 016 - Waste prevention: are we reducing the generation of municipal waste?

Key message

The generation of municipal waste per capita in western European countries has stabilized, albeit at high level. At the same time it has been slowly decreasing in central and eastern European countries.

The EU target to reduce municipal waste generation to 300 kg/capita by the year 2000 was not achieved. No new targets have been set

CSI 017 - Are we preventing the generation of packaging waste?

Key message

There is a general increase in per capita quantities of packaging being put on the market. This is not in line with the objective of the Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste, which aims at preventing the production of packaging waste.

However, the EU target to recycle 25% of packaging waste in 2001 has been met and significantly exceeded. In 2004 the recycling rate in EU-25 was 54 percent and was close to the 2008 target of 55%. Differences in performance of individual countries suggest further potential for improvement.

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