Environmental reporting is getting better - corrected link

21 Jun 2011

Environmental data reported by countries, such as air emissions, air quality, water quality and protected areas data, is essential for understanding, and responding to, environmental change.

Since 2000, European countries have significantly improved their delivery of priority environmental data to the European Environment Agency (EEA). Country scoring corresponds to the quality of the data made available and the timeliness of their delivery.

In 2000, the average score for European countries was 45 % while only three countries scored above 70 %. For 2010-2011, the average score rose to 80 % while almost two-thirds of the countries achieved or exceeded this threshold with Estonia, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom as top performers. This positive trend shows that regular reporting has now become more 'routine' for many countries. However, for 2010-2011, six countries failed to achieve a score of 60 %, so there is also room for improvement.

Read more at: Eionet data flow progress report


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