Urban context

Located in Getxo, a municipality of 80,000 inhabitants in the Basque region of Spain, the project Thinking Fadura aims to provide green space for local people to engage in physical activity and social interaction and to improve well-being and mental and physical health. The project explores what types of interventions might encourage and enable healthier lifestyles. 

Measures and outcomes

To increase access to green space in the city, especially for low-income groups, the project worked to provide public access to a private park in a sports club. Access to this park was previously restricted to club members. The Fadura park has sporting facilities and the Gobela river. Residents from various socio-economic backgrounds were involved when designing the park, considering multi-culturalism and gender, and ensuring that park facilities serve diverse needs. Development is ongoing to provide spaces for physical exercise, including outdoor gym equipment, and to install benches in quiet spaces.

With the aim of informing policy, the project is investigating how the park is used and how it benefits health and well-being, specifically among low-income groups. This includes observing the levels of use and physical activity, by gender, age and ethnicity.

Getxo, Spain

Type of green space
Urban park and river, sporting facilities

Targeted group
Socio-economically disadvantaged groups



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