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Urban context

In 2013, the botanical garden in Tallinn, established in 1961, created a new ‘garden for the   senses’. This healing garden is meant for people with special needs, in particular people with visual impairments. Users are allowed to touch and taste a variety of plants. 

Measures and outcomes

The garden was developed to attract a wide range of visitors, including people with physical or mental disabilities. People are encouraged to use all their senses, particularly touch and taste, when exploring the garden, which includes a variety of edible plants. The layout of the garden maximises light and has pathways designed for good access. Disability advocacy associations provided input into the design and development of the garden.

Target groups, including individuals residing in care homes and those with special needs, can enter the botanical garden free of charge. The garden also attracts professional and hobby gardeners, individuals with an interest in edible and medicinal plants, and school children. The garden also helps to raise awareness of the challenges that individuals with disabilities face in their everyday lives.


Tallinn, Estonia

Type of green space
Botanical garden, healing garden

Targeted group
People with special needs, visually impaired persons



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