EEA Signals 2023 — Health and environment in Europe

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Briefing Published 21 Jun 2023 Last modified 16 Nov 2023
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Photo: © Image copyright: Esther Castillo, Well with Nature /EEA
Several EEA assessments make the link between environment and well-being very clear. Despite progress over the past decades, pollution and other environmental risks continue to harm people’s health in Europe while improving the state of our environment and mitigating climate change can deliver both direct and indirect benefits for everyone in Europe.

EEA Signals 2023 gives a broad overview of links between health and environment in Europe. It includes articles covering air quality, noise pollution, water, climate change and chemicals, as well as expert interviews on making chemicals safer and the European environment and health Atlas.

"Both in the case of ecosystem health and people's health, it is far cheaper and much more effective to prevent damage than to repair it. It is simply a good investment for the future.

 Leena Ylä-Mononen
EEA Executive Director

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The EEA Signals report is an annual, easy-to-read publication, consisting of a series of short articles, that looks at key issues related to the environment and climate. Recent EEA Signals reports have looked at energy (2022), nature (2021), zero pollution (2020), soil (2019) and water (2018).


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© Cover image source:  Esther Castillo, Well with Nature /EEA


EEA Web report no. 02/2022
Title: EEA Signals 2023: Health and environment in Europe
HTML - TH-AP-23-001-EN-Q - ISBN 978-92-9480-579-9 - ISSN 2443-7662 - doi: 10.2800/567440

The country assessments are the sole responsibility of the EEA member and cooperating countries supported by the EEA through guidance, translation and editing.


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