7 Main Elements of Work 1997

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At the moment of writing this report, the work plan under the 1997 subvention (April-December 1997) was still being developed. The elements below should therefore be seen as indicative only. Foreseen products are arranged under the eight tasks currently being undertaken by the ETC.

1. Management and co-ordination:

  • Annual Summary report 1996
  • quarterly progress reports

2. Maintaining and developing the air quality aspects of EIONET:

  • newsletters
  • work plans to be presented to EIONET
  • country visits
  • workshop in combination with EMEP, June 1997

3. Ad hoc Technical support to EEA

4. Further developing the European air quality monitoring network

  • guidance report on monitoring networks and sites
  • report on data clearance and reporting procedures
  • report on site selection
  • finalisation of reports on representativeness and quality assurance initially drafted in 1995

5. Further development, implementation and update of the air quality information system

  • maintenance and further development of AIRBASE components
  • data input module
  • statistical module
  • extend internet access facilities
  • 1996 data update
  • further development of ETC-AQ Website

6. Further development of air pollution modelling infrastructure and applications

  • finalisation of guidance report on model selection and application
  • guidance report on urban modelling
  • further development of model documentation system on Internet
  • workshop for evaluation
  • development of model evaluation toolkit

7. Assessments and support of EU, UNECE and WHO:

  • guidance report on ozone forecasting and data exchange
  • guidance report on supplementary assessment under EC AQ Directives
  • participation in EC AQ Directive working groups
  • support of WHO-ECEH/UNECE health impact assessments
  • support to EC AUTO-OIL II Programme
  • EC consolidated report under Ozone Directive

8. Periodical reports and assessments:

  • air pollution in Europe report (jointly with ETC-AE)
  • contribution to "Dobris+3"report
  • contribution to "EU98" report
  • EC report on EoI data
  • EC annual reports under Ozone Directive


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