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EEA Topic Reports

  • Annual Summary Report 1995 (22/1996)
  • Exceedance of Ozone threshold values in the European Community in 1995 (29/1996)
  • Information Document concerning air pollution by Ozone- Overview of the situation in the European Union during the 1996 summer season (April-July) (29/1996)
  • Requirements on European air quality monitoring information (17/1996)
  • Report on state of the air pollution monitoring situation in Europe - problems and trends (26/1996)
  • Air Quality in Europe 1993, a pilot report (25/1996)
  • Review on requirements for models and model application (18/1996)
  • Models for ambient air quality and pollutant dispersion/transport - state of the art, needs and trends (19/1996)


ETC Technical Reports

  • European workshop on air quality monitoring and assessment, Copenhagen, 23-25 April - workshop report
  • Annex to the report: "Exceedance of ozone threshold values in the European Community in 1994": Data from Germany.
  • Review of current database systems APIS and GIRAFE for air quality and monitoring stations


Position papers presented at the April workshop

  • The European Topic Centre on Air Quality and EIONET: building Europe’s air quality information
  • Assessment of air quality
  • European Air Quality monitoring and information network
  • AIRBASE: The European air quality information system. Database concept, system contents and data formats
  • Air pollution modelling

Other products

  • European workshop on air quality monitoring and assessment, Copenhagen, 23-25 April 1996
  • Air quality information system AIRBASE:
    • relational database
    • World Wide Web access facility
    • input module for network and station information AIRBADM
    • documentation on AIRBASE and AIRBADM
    • update of AIRBASE contents (ongoing)
  • ETC Homepage http://www.etcaq.rivm.nl    with newsletters, AIRBASE access and documentation, link to ozone reports
  • Information and documentation system on atmospheric models on the Internet, internal pilot version
  • Three newsletters
  • Work plan for contributions to the EEA Europe’s Environment "Dobris+3" report
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Other metals      

Spatial coverage of European air quality monitoring. Presented to the Copenhagen Workshop 23-25 April 1996.

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