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Topic report 5/97


Roel M. van Aalst

European Topic Centre on Air Quality

January 1997

This report was prepared under the supervision of G. Kielland,
Project Manager,
European Environment Agency


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The European Topic Centre on Air Quality continued in 1996 the progress in assessing air quality at the European level, designing and implementing the network of European air quality monitoring and advising towards harmonised use of models for the assessment and management of air quality. The various tasks performed, meetings attended and short term plans for the future are described in this report.

Table of contents

1 Background
2 Work Programme
3 Progress on Tasks

3.1 Maintaining and Developing the Air Quality Aspects of EIONET
3.2 Ad Hoc Technical Support to EEA
3.3 Further Developing the European Air Quality Monitoring Network
3.4 Further Development, Implementation and Update of the Air Quality Information System
3.5 Further Development of Air Pollution Modelling Infrastruture and Application
3.6 Assessments and Support of EU, UNICE and WHO
3.7 Preparation for EEA Periodical Reports

4 Products
5 Meetings and Missions
6 Management and Co-ordination; Contacts
7 Main Elements of Proposed Work in 1997



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