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The work of the ETC in 1996 is derived from the EEA Annual Work Programme 1996, programme 4 "Media oriented monitoring. Assessment of the state and trends of the environment", projects MA2 and MA3. The objectives, background, methods and products and resources of these projects are described in detail in the EEA Annual Work Programme 1996.

Project MA2: "Design and maintenance of the European air quality monitoring network and data bases."

Objective: To set up and ensure operation of the network and exploitation of data bases.

Project MA3: "Harmonisation in the use of models for ambient air quality and pollution dispersion and transport."

Objective: To increase consistency in use of models already in use; to develop guidance on criteria for selecting appropriate models and on their application for the assessment and management of air quality.

Work on a third project, MA1: "Air quality, general approach to assessment" was carried out in 1995; however, some work continued into 1996 to finalise draft reports produced under this project.

The current work programme extended beyond the initial specifications for projects MA1, MA2 and MA3 to include support for the Periodic Reporting and Integrated Assessment programmes of the Agency. Moreover, enhanced ad-hoc support, particularly to the EC Directorate-General XI (EC/DGXI), was provided.

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