Land take in protected areas of FUAs in 2018, by country and protection type

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Left chart: The extent of land take during 2012-2018 (in % of the 2012 value) in protected areas of the FUAs is presented in the bar chart, broken down by countries and protection type. The dataset covers the entire EEA-39 region but the figure only presents EU-27 (2020) +UK countries. Right map: Land take is derived from comparing the Urban Atlas 2012 and 2018 datasets of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service. Land take is expressed as the converted area in % of the 2012 land cover extent (% of non-urban land cover in 2012 that is converted to urban land cover by 2018). The dataset covers the entire EEA-39 region but Figure 2.3 only presents EU-27 (2020) +UK countries.

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