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The report “European waters – assessment of status and pressures 2018” is based on Water Framework Directive (WFD), River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) information reported to the Commission by Member States and stored at the EEA in the Water Information System for Europe (WISE)

The report “European waters – assessment of status and pressures 2018”  aims to present results on:

  • the status of EU waters, based on the second River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs);
  • the pressures that are causing less than good status;
  • the progress that was achieved during the first RBMP cycle (2010-2015). 

The Water Framework Directive (WFD), now 18 years old, established a framework for the assessment, management, protection and improvement of the quality of water resources across the EU. 

This year, the European Commission will publish its report on the assessment of the second RBMPs and will start the process of evaluating the WFD. 

To accompany and inform this process, the EEA has produced this report on the state of Europe’s water.


WISE-Freshwater WFD visualisation tool 

The report presents only the key results, while more detailed WFD results are presented in the WISE-Freshwater WFD visualisation tool. Results are presented as interactive tables, graphs and maps (“Dashboards”), and as overviews at EU, Member State and river basin districts (RBDs) levels.

More than 150 “dashboards” (Web-visualisations), presenting status and pressure information, are now available online. The dashboards present the data Member States have reported via the first (in 2010-2012) and the second River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs, in 2012-2016).

Caution is advised when comparing Member States and when comparing the first and second RBMPs, as the results are affected by the methods Member States have used to collect data and often cannot be compared directly.

The more than 150 dashboards are now available online and can be found via the links below:

Delineation of water bodies

Ecological status of surface water bodies

Chemical status of surface water bodies

Groundwater quantitative and chemical status 

Pressures and impacts

Quality element status 

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