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Infographic Noise pollution in Europe — 29 Jun 2016
Noise pollution is a growing environmental concern, arising from a number of sources. The adverse effects of noise pollution can be found in the well- being of exposed human populations, in the health and distribution of wildlife, as well as in the abilities of children to learn at school.
Data Visualization Capital cities in Europe: percentage of people exposed to Lnight values due to road exposure — 18 Feb 2015
Data Visualization Summary of action plan measures at country level — 24 Apr 2017
Data Reported data on noise exposure covered by Directive 2002/49/EC — 31 Jan 2017
The Directive relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise (the Environmental Noise Directive – END, 2002/49/EC) is the main EU instrument to identify noise pollution levels and to trigger the necessary action both at Member State and at EU level. Data submitted by EEA member countries until 15/04/2016.
Data Visualization object code Number of people in the EU exposed to noise levels above Lden 55 dB — 12 Dec 2016
GIS Map Application Pascal source code The NOISE Observation & Information Service for Europe — 05 May 2017
Noise pollution is a major environmental concern in Europe. Explore NOISE maps to see environmental noise from roads, railways, airports, industry and in cities where you live.
Data Visualization Percentage of population exposed to road noise within urban areas above Lden 55dB, by country, 2012 — 12 Dec 2016
Data Visualization Number of people in the EU exposed to noise levels above Lden 55 dB — 24 Apr 2017
Data Visualization Number of people exposed to transport noise — 11 Aug 2016
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