Dashboard (Tableau)

Viewer on combined health impacts from road traffic noise and air pollution in urban areas

Dashboard (Tableau)
Prod-ID: DAS-342-en
Published 16 Dec 2022
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This viewer presents the combined health impact of air pollution and road traffic noise at 1km x 1km resolution in cities where data is available. The impact of air pollution is measured in terms of mortality and the impact of road noise pollution is measured in terms of long-term high annoyance. The viewer is based on data submitted under the Environmental Noise Directive and the Air Quality Directive and represents the situation in 2017.

After selecting a city, one can explore the health impacts from both pollutants separately or together, as well as the total health burden in Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs). For zooming to a specific area please use the map menu on the left.


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage



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