Observed trends in total global greenhouse concentrations, considering all greenhouse gases (incl. aerosols) for 1970-2010

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The figure shows the total global concentration of Kyoto protocol Gases (KPG), gases under the Montreal Protocol (MPG) and non-protocol related gases (NPG). NPGs contribute negatively, as they have an overall cooling effect, whereas the other gases contribute positively. The threshold concentration range is based on a 50% probability of exceeding 2 degree Celsius temperature increase, given different models and scenarios.


European data


Additional information

The figure covers the world-wide observed concentration. 

Data expressed in CO2-equivalents (see CSI013 justification for explanation).  Note that the trend in the figure is much shorter with respect to the one for Kyoto gases, due to the unavailability of long-term data for aerosols and ozone.


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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