Industrial releases of pollutants to water and economic activity in the EU-27

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The figure shows the trend of pollutant releases into water in the EU-27 from 2010 to 2022 by using 2010 releases values as reference. In addition, gross value added (GVA) from the industry sector is presented.

European data


Additional information

GVA, gross value added; TOC - total organic carbon, Total N - total nitrogen, Total P - total phosphorous, Cd - Cadmium, Hg - Mercury, Ni - Nichel, Pb - Lead. GVA is used as a proxy for the economic activity of industry in Europe, accounting for inflation, based on 2010 values.

Slovakia: 2018 data used to gap fill 2019-2022 for missing reporting
Malta: 2019 data used to gap fill 2020-2022 for missing reporting
Czechia: 2020 data used to gap fill 2021-2022 for missing reporting
Bulgaria: 2021 data used to gap fill 2022 for late reporting


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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