European Topic Centres: EEA/BSS/08/001: Biological Diversity 2009-2013 (2 lots) and EEA/SKI/08/001: Sustainable Consumption and Production 2009-2013



for the award of Framework Partnership Agreements concerning


European Topic Centres on


Biological Diversity 2009-2013 (2 lots) EEA/BSS/08/001 and


Sustainable Consumption and Production 2009-2013 EEA/SKI/08/001 (1)

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EEA/BSS/08/001 — Biological Diversity 2009–2013 (2 lots)



EEA/SKI/08/001 — Sustainable Consumption and Production 2009–2013


1. Objectives and description

This call for proposals is based on Regulation (EC) No. 1210/1990 as last amended by (EC) No. 1641/2003 on the establishment of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Environment information and observation network (Eionet). (2)

2. Eligibility

Consortia consisting of at least two partners (natural/legal persons, private or public), these partners being established in different EEA member countries (EU27; EFTA4, Turkey), are eligible. For further details see the Terms of Reference (ToR) referred to under point 5.

3. Budget

Subject to available funds from the General Budget of the EU taking the form of a Community subsidy to the EEA, the estimated total annual budget for Specific Agreements (SAs) under the Framework Partnership Agreements (FPAs) to be awarded following this call is estimated at:

  • (i) Biological Diversity: 1 300 000 EUR (total);
    Lot 1 – Biological Diversity 900 000 EUR;
    Lot 2 – Ecosystem Assessment 400 000 EUR;
  • (ii) Sustainable Consumption and Production: 1 200 000 EUR

4. Deadline for submission of proposals:

21 April 2008

5. Full details

The Terms of Reference (ToR), all related documents and further information can be found at the following internet address:

Proposals must comply with all terms and conditions in the call documents.


  1. Successful consortia will be proposed Framework Partnership Agreements (FPAs) covering the period from 2009 to 2013. This call is subject to the EEA Financial Regulation and its Implementing Rules as determined by the EU’s Financial Regulation (EC) No. 1605/2002, last amended by (EC) No. 1995/2006, and its Implementing Rules (EC) No. 2342/2002, last amended by (EC) No. 478/2007, in particular their respective Titles VI on Grants (Articles 108-120 FR and 160-184a IR).
  2. See in particular Articles 4 and 5 thereof.


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