Interview on biodiversity and value of nature

Facebook Live interview on Climate Change.

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Copernicus Land Monitoring Service – helping protect forests from bark beetles

Using big data from Copernicus Land Monitoring Service, as well as other satellite and user data sources, Viridian Raven has developed a set of algorithms that gives a risk analysis of bark beetles in forests. This enables foresters to see which parts of their forests have a high risk of bark beetle activity and enables fieldwork to be carried out more effectively saving time and allowing for more nests to be found earlier.

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Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 – Are we on target?

The European Union has set an objective to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010. Europe is currently suffering from a steady loss of biodiversity, with profound consequences for the natural world and for human well-being. The main causes are changes in natural habitats and these, in turn, are due to intensive agricultural production systems, construction, quarrying, overexploitation of forests, oceans, rivers, lakes and soils, alien species invasions, pollution and — increasingly — global warming.

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