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News object code Europe's road transport needs to shift gears towards sustainability News
News D source code Emissions from road traffic and domestic heating behind breaches of EU air quality standards across Europe News
News Circular business models and smarter design can reduce environment and climate impacts from textiles News
News Europe's environmental taxes in decline, despite potentially crucial role News
News D source code Economic losses from weather and climate-related extremes in Europe reached around half a trillion euros over past 40 years News
News How green are European cities? Green space key to well-being – but access varies News
News What lessons does Covid-19 offer for sustainability? News
News EU ETS emissions continued to decline during the Covid-19 pandemic News
News Clear opportunities to decouple Europe’s waste generation from economic growth News
News Cities play pivotal roles in Europe's sustainability transition News
News object code Biodiversity: Three billion additional trees by 2030 – launch of MapMyTree tool News
News New indicator on pesticides in European waters News
News Troff document Europe’s urban population remains at risk due to levels of air pollution known to damage health News
News object code EU remains on track to phase-down use of climate-damaging F-gases News
News chemical/x-hin Creating a resilient economy within environmental limits News
News Waste water treatment improves in Europe but large differences remain News
News Climate hazards are increasing in frequency and severity across Europe; new regional overview published News
News D source code Cleaner air could have saved at least 178,000 lives across the EU in 2019 News
News Targeted measures can cut carbon emissions and improve social equality News
News Water stress is a major and growing concern in Europe News


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