CO2 emissions from new vans – revised data

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News Published 17 Dec 2013 Last modified 10 Dec 2019
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Photo: © Leonidas Konstantinidis
In 2012, the average new van sold in the European Union emitted 180.2 g of carbon dioxide for every kilometre travelled, which is close to the 175 g CO2/km target to be gradually phased in between next year and 2017.

This target will initially apply to 70 % of new light commercial vehicles in 2014, increasing to 100 % of these vehicles from 2017 onwards. As with new cars sold in the EU, each manufacturer has an individual target based on the average mass of the vehicles sold.

Manufacturers’ performance in meeting their targets is assessed on the basis of new vehicle registration data from Member States. By 2020 van manufacturers will have to further reduce emissions, so the average van sold in the EU emits 147 g CO2/km. This target was confirmed by the European Parliament and the Council earlier this year.

People in Malta, Cyprus and Portugal bought vans with the lowest average emissions, the data shows, while at the other end of the scale vans sold in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany had the highest.

Vans CO2 emissions per country

Data quality

Twenty-eight manufacturers (of 66) provided feedback to the Commission and the EEA on the quality of the Member States' data. The verification covered approximately 60 % of the newly registered vehicles reported by Member States and showed good results for some vehicle categories. However, it is apparent that the 2012 data was not fully representative of the European fleet, since vans built in multiple stages (‘multistage vehicles’, see below) were not fully included in the reported data. To address this issue, the European Commission is working to improve monitoring with stakeholders and Member States.

The new figures revise the preliminary data published by the EEA in June. The updated figures show average vehicle emissions to be slightly lower than previously thought, a reduction 0.13 gCO2/km. Since legislation was adopted in 2011, 2012 was the first year of reporting on new vans’ emissions levels.


A significant number of vans in the EU are constructed in multiple stages, meaning that there are several different manufacturers involved in the completion of the vehicle. According to the legislation, responsibility for meeting specific emissions targets lies with the manufacturer of the base vehicle, which is normally the chassis or chassis-cab.


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