Observed annual mean temperature change from 1960 to 2019 (left panel) and projected 21st century change under different emissions scenarios (right panels) in Europe

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RCP, representative concentration pathway. Left panel: boxes outlined in black indicate areas with at least three stations, so are more likely to be representative; areas with significant long-term trends are indicated by black dots. Right panel: projected changes in near-surface air temperature by the period 2071-2100, compared with 1971-2000 for RCP4.5 and 8.5 emissions scenarios; simulations are based on the multi-model ensemble average of simulations of the EURO-CORDEX initiative.


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Boxes outlined in solid black contain at least three stations and so are likely to be more representative of the grid. A significant (at the 5 % level) long-term trend is shown by a black dot. Stations available in the European Climate Assessment and Datasets (ECA&D) (with different lengths of records) for daily maximum and minimum temperature.


Geographic coverage

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