Energy consumption of EU Member States and their 2020 targets

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This chart shows the change in energy consumption of EU Member States in 2020 compared to 2005, and their 2020 targets.

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In accordance with the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU), the EU Member States have set up national indicative targets that, collectively, should help the EU to reach its 20 % energy efficiency target by 2020. This chart shows their change in consumption in 2020 compared to 2005,and their 2020 targets.

For more information about energy consumption targets, visit the European Commission website 

 How to read the figure

For ease of representation, the figure shows the consumption values and targets as % change compared to 2005. If the circle (target) is to the left of the end of the bar (value), the target has not been met and more reductions are needed to achieve it. If the target is within the bar or to the right of its end, it means the target has been achieved.

The position of the targets and values relative to the Y axis (zero value) represents whether the energy consumption is higher or lower than in 2005.


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