Decadal average sea surface temperature anomaly in different European seas (1870 to 2018)

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The figure shows global and regionally averaged sea surface temperatures anomalies relative to a 1981-2010 baseline. The solid lines show satellite-based series, combining SST CCI (Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative) Analysis data (to 2016) with the OSTIA (Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis) near real-time updated data (to 2018). The shaded area in each plot indicates the upper and lower uncertainty range of the long-term evolution of the regional averages based on three global data sets (HadSST., ERSSTv5 and HadISST).

European data


Additional information

Time series of sea surface temperature anomalies (°C), referenced to the average temperature between 1981 and 2010, in each of the European seas and in the Global Ocean.

Data sources: SST datasets from the Met Office (HadISST1, HadSST. and OSTIA), the US National Ocean and Atmosphere Administration (ERSSTv5), ESA SST CCI analysis version 2.1.


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage



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