Consumption of ozone depleting substances (EEA-32), 1986-2010

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Some of the calculated production or consumption figures may be negative. Production is defined under Article 1(5) of the Montreal Protocol as production minus the amount destroyed minus the amount entirely used as feedstock in the manufacture of other chemicals. Calculated production may therefore be negative in cases where the destroyed amounts exceed the production. Since the figures are for each calendar year, it is quite possible that in some years the feedstock figure may exceed the production figure of that year, if the feedstock use is from a carry-over stock. The calculated production could be negative in such cases.


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Note: Consumption is defined as production plus imports minus exports of controlled substances under the Montreal Protocol. As with calculated production, the consumption of ODS can be negative, also because exports in any one year can exceed production and imports if they include ODS from carry-over stocks.


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