Change in the percentage of summer (May-September) days classified as heatwave days between the historical period (1951–2000) and the future period (2051–2100) in 571 European cities.

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The map presents the projected change in days classificed in heatwave days

European data


Additional information

Heatwaves were defined as three consecutive days where both the maximum and the minimum temperature exceed their respective 95th percentile from the historical period. Based on 50 climate model projections from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) (Taylor et al., 2012), under the RCP8.5 climate scenario.  The 50th percentile (median) scenario is available in the Urban Adaptation Map Viewer, see also Guerreiro et al. (2018).
Source: Adapted from Guerreiro et al. (2018)


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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