Availability improvements in nuclear power plants in Europe

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Since very few new nuclear power plants have come online since 1990 and several plants in UK, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia and Bulgaria have been shut down (WNA, 2009), these trends illustrate increased plant availability in the past decades (see Figure 4 below) and increases in net plant electric efficiency from app. 32% to app. 35% (WNA, 2003).

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This data also include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, United States of America, Taiwan, World wide and Europe.

Last three years Capability Factor over 2006-2008. The indicator shows the ratio of the available energy generation over a given time period to the reference energy generation over the same time period, expressed as a percentage. Both of these energy generation terms are determined relative to reference ambient conditions. The reference energy generation is the energy that could be produced if the unit were operated continuously at full power under reference ambient conditions. The available energy generation is the energy that could have been produced under reference ambient conditions considering only limitations within control of plant management, i.e. plant equipment and personnel performance, and work control.


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