Land take intensity within NUTS3 regions

GIS Map Application Published 15 Aug 2019 Last modified 15 Aug 2019
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The intensity of land take is calculated as land take in the given period in % of artificial surfaces in the year 2000. For easier comparability land take is summarized within NUTS3 regions.

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The land take indicator addresses the change in the area of agricultural, forest and other semi-natural land “taken” for urban and other artificial land development (hence the name “land take”). Land take includes areas sealed by construction and urban infrastructure, as well as urban green areas, and sport and leisure facilities.

The main drivers of land take are grouped in processes resulting in the extension of: 

  • housing, services and recreation;
  • industrial and commercial sites; 
  • transport networks and infrastructures;
  • mines, quarries and waste dumpsites; 
  • construction sites.

The data is derived from the Corine Land Cover accounting layers.

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