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Ozone-depleting substances 2020

External Data Spec Published 18 Dec 2020
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The Ozone Database of the European Environmental Agency (the data reported to the EEA is strictly confidential and the Ozone Database is not available to the public). Aggregated data reported by companies on the import, export, production, destruction and feedstock and process agent use of ozone-depleting substances in the European Union. All information provided to the European Commission and the EEA on transactions of ozone-depleting substances in the EU is treated as strictly confidential. The European Commission and the EEA have established procedures to ensure that all of the data relating to individual companies will be kept strictly confidential. No company-specific information is disclosed to the public; all company data are aggregated before publication. These procedures limit the release of data that might significantly rely on reports from less than three company groups. To this end, company groups that contribute to less than 5 % do not count toward the '3-company-rule'. Concerns regarding confidentiality can be addressed to the European Commission or to the entity designated by the European Commission.
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