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HadSST.4 global sea surface temperature dataset

External Data Spec Published 05 Nov 2019
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HadSST. is the Met Office Hadley Centre Sea-surface temperature anomaly data set. Anomalies are expressed relative to the 1961-1990 average. The data have been adjusted to minimize the effect of systematic errors associated with instrumen tation changes and are representative of SST measured at a depth of 20cm. The data set is presented on an equirectangular 5° latitude by 5° longitude monthly grid from January 1850 to December 2018. Uncertainty in the data is presented using a combined approach. Uncertainty in the bias adjustments is presented as an ensemble of interchangeable realisations. Uncertainty arising from local measurement errors and local sampling errors are presented as gridded fields. Uncertainties associated with correlated measurement errors are presented as error-covariance matrices. These can be combined to give uncertainty estimates for derived quantities such as the global mean temperature. HadSST. is based on ICOADS release 3.0.0 (1850-2014, [2]) and ICOADS release 3.0.1 (2015-present). In addition it uses drifting buoy observations from CMEMS.


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