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Degree of Urbanisation (DEGURBA)

External Data Spec Published 11 Dec 2017
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The Degree of urbanisation (DEGURBA) is a classification that indicates the character of an area. The latest update of the classification is based on 2011 population grid and the 2014  Local Administrative Units  (LAU) boundaries. The next major update will be based on 2020 Census results. Based on the share of local population living in urban clusters and in urban centres, it classifies Local Administrative Units level 2 (LAU2 or communes) into three types of area: Cities (densely populated areas) Towns and suburbs (intermediate density areas) Rural areas (thinly populated areas) Statistics by degree of urbanisation provide an analytical and descriptive lens on urban and rural areas. Data by degree of urbanisation is presently available for the following statistical domains: labour market, education, living conditions, welfare and tourism.


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