• How do I go back from a report to the list of reports
    • When using the reporting services only, then the easist way is to use Explorer back button or use Back to the reports list button and star new browsing
    • When using complete data viewer then just close the report tab


  • How does the compare function in report filter work?
    • You may limit the data in some queries with predefined parameters like size of the agglomerations. To define it choose what kind of comparision (>=, = or <=) you want to use and insert the numeric limit


  • Why can data not be displayed for all years in the drop-down list for my selection ?
    • The reporting to UWWTD has taken place as an end of a year situation on a biannual basis. The biannual data may refer to different years depending on the country selected – for some countries even years, for others odd years.


  • I cannot see the whole result table at a glance, and it is annoying to scroll. What can I do?
    • You can reduce or increase the size of the text in your browser by doing "control+minus" or "control+plus" on your keyboard. 
    • The best way to visualize a large table is to export it, see the guidance document on how to do that.



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