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TERM 2006 report (EEA Report No 1/2007). Transport and environment: on the way to a new common transport policy

The TERM 2006 report examines the environmental performance of the transport sector and finds that it is still unsatisfactory. There is a need to intensify efforts to improve it, not least concerning the sector's contribution to climate change. The Commission's mid-term review of the 2001 Transport White Paper proposes changes that can bring both improvements and negative effects depending on how they are applied at European, national and regional level. Concerning the environment, the mid-term review changes the focus from managing transport demand to addressing negative side effects. This change in focus means that transport demand growth is no longer explicitly identified as one of the main environmental issues within the transport sector. However, as the extent of important environmental impacts such as climate change, noise and landscape fragmentation are closely linked to transport volumes, addressing them still requires the management of transport demand. The overall success of the new policy therefore still hinges on limiting (growth in) transport volumes. This is something which the White Paper failed to do. It therefore remains to be seen whether the new elements in the mid-term review concerning the use of scenarios for long-term planning and a common framework for charging can help to improve the situation.



TERM 2005 report (EEA Report No 3/2006). Transport and environment: facing a dilemma

This report represents a summary of 10 selected issues from the EEA's TERM (transport and environment reporting mechanism) set of transport and environment integration indicators.The objective is to indicate some of the main challenges to reducing the environmental impacts of transport, and to make suggestions for improving the environmental performance of the transport system as a whole. The report examines 10 key issues which need to be addressed in the coming years. These issues are derived from seven policy questions that form the backbone of TERM. As with previous TERM reports, this report evaluates the indicator trends in terms of progress towards existing objectives and targets. This is carried out using EU policy documents and various transport and environmental directives.




TERM 2004 report (EEA Report No 3/2004). Ten key transport and environment issues for policy-makers

Transport volumes are growing at a rate where many of the improvements brought about by new technology are being partly or fully negated. Emissions of harmful pollutants are decreasing steadily, but there are indications that the test cycles, on which the emissions are calculated, fail to represent real world driving conditions. Therefore air quality is not improving as would be expected from the emission figures. The TERM 2004 report looks at trends in transport emissions and other transport impacts over the decade from the early 1990s to the early 2000s.




TERM 2002 (Environmental issue report No 32). Paving the way for EU enlargement - Indicators of transport and environment integration

This third report developed under the EU’s transport and environment reporting mechanism (TERM) is the first to include the 13 accession countries (ACs). As in previous reports, the TERM indicators are used to answer a set of policy questions related to the integration of environmental concerns into transport policies. This comparative analysis of the differences and similarities between the EU and the ACs should contribute to the continuing debate on how to achieve more sustainable transport within an enlarged EU.




TERM 2001 (Environmental issue report No 23). Indicators tracking transport and environment integration in the European Union

Progress towards a more sustainable transport system has become imperative in the European Union (EU), as in many other parts of the world. Transport therefore figures prominently in the EU's Sixth environment Action programme (6EAP) and Sustainable Development Strategy. At its June 2001 summit in Gothenburg, the European Council singled out the transport sector as one of the four priority areas where sustainability policy development has to be put on a faster track. Achieving progress requires better integration of environmental considerations into all areas of transport policy-making. Equally important is to get a clear and quantitative picture of the sector and its development.




TERM 2000 (Environmental issue report No 12). Are we moving in the right direction? Indicators on transport and environmental integration in the EU

The Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism (TERM) was set up to enable policy-makers to gauge how this integration is progressing in the transport sector. At the core of this first TERM report is a set of 31 indicators that are 'benchmarked' against a number of policy objectives and targets.


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