What is the EC's GHG inventory report?

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This report is the EU's official submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on total domestic greenhouse gas emissions for the period 1990–2006. Domestic, in this context, refers to emissions from within the territory of the EU. It contains information about GHG emissions for the EU-15 and EU-27 and represents the aggregated total of the national inventories. It also comprehensively explains the process by which EU emissions are derived and quality checked.


As a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) the EC has to submit its GHG inventory each year to fulfil its reporting obligations.

How is it relevant?

This report is the most relevant and accurate source of information on greenhouse gas emissions for the EU. Formally speaking, this report only plays a role under the UNFCCC — not its Kyoto Protocol. Nevertheless, it can be used to track the EU's performance when it comes to reducing domestic greenhouse emissions (i.e. emissions within its territory) towards meeting the Kyoto targets.


The EEA report on the EC GHG inventory is released annually after the final submission to the UNFCCC secretariat.

See a href="http://unfccc.int/">UNFCCC for more information on reporting and reporting requirements.

What is the data source?


The EC GHG inventory is compiled on the basis of the inventories of the EC Member States for EU-15 and EU-27. Member States are required to submit their national inventories and inventory reports under Council Decision No. 280/2004/EC to the European Commission, DG Environment.

Who prepared the report?

The European Commission's DG Environment in consultation with the Member States has the overall responsibility for the EC inventory. The EEA, assisted by its topic centre on air and climate change, is responsible for the actual compilation of the EC inventory report in close cooperation with Eurostat and the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

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